Concern Khlibprom, PJSC

Company NameConcern Khlibprom, PJSC
Industries Food Industry
Company profileProduction of fresh bread, frozen part-baked bread and pastry of high degree of readiness (ciabatta, baguettes, wheat and rye bread, puff pastry with sweet and nourishing feelings, hot dog buns). Production of biscuits under TM Bandinelli, gingerbread, ru
Products/Services offered for exportfrozen bread and bakery, Bandinelli biscuits
Foreign trade experienceGermany, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Turkmenistan, USA (United States of America)
Interested in such foreign marketsTurkey

HS Codes

1905909000 Own production: Yes
1905906000Own production: Yes
1905903000 Own production: Yes
1905319900 Own production: Yes
1905904500Own production: Yes


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