About Us

Export Promotion Center is a program of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, created with the aim to develop the Ukrainian export infrastructure. The main idea of the Center is to bring together the efforts of all export-oriented producers with a focus on the most efficient and wide integration into the new foreign markets.


A precondition to create the Center according to the model that incorporates the best world experience became the numerous appeals of the Ukrainian companies regarding the difficult conditions for the export business and the loss of traditional markets.

Analyzing the request of the potential partners for goods and services, produced in Ukraine, we established 4 sectoral blocks in the framework of the Center, such as:

Food in Ukraine

Construction in Ukraine

Industry in Ukraine

Green Technologies in Ukraine

Center Membership Benefits

  • capital pooling aiming to enter the foreign markets;
  • joint advertising support to promote the «best» products, produced in Ukraine;
  • the establishment of the common logistics and trade centers abroad;
  • coordinated, conjoint action with the object to reduce trade barriers for business and the creation of an attractive tax climate;
  • getting professional consulting support in the field of law, economics and marketing;
  • participation in the events organized at state and intergovernmental levels;
  • expansion of the partnership base.
34, Khreshchatyk Str., Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine
tel. (+38 044) 272-02-46

Denys Krasnikov - Center coordinator, vice-president of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
(+38 044) 272-02-46

Marina Reptiukh - Chief Executive Officer

(+38 044) 272-02-49