Oil crop exports increased 23.2% this year


From January to September 2019, Ukraine exported oilseeds by 23.2% more than in the same period last year.

Oil crop exports increased 23.2% this year
This was reported by the Institute of Agricultural Economics (IAE).

In January-September 2019, Ukraine exported oilseeds by $ 1.649 billion, almost a quarter (+ 23.2%) exceeding the figure for the corresponding period last year," the statement said.

In particular, in January-September 2019, 2.3 million tons of rapeseed was exported for $ 911 million, 2.1 million tons of soybeans for $ 683 million, 71 thousand tons of sunflower for more than $ 29 million.

The bulk of Ukrainian oilseed exports for the indicated period was directed to the EU countries - 63.9%. Among the countries, the main consumers of Ukrainian oilseeds for the nine months of 2019 were: Germany (18.7% of Ukrainian exports were sent), Turkey (16.4%), Belgium (13.5%), the Netherlands (9.7%), Egypt (7.3%), France (7.1%), Belarus (5.1%) and Poland (4.7%).

Also in January-September 2019, Ukraine exported $ 3.331 billion worth of fats and oils, which is 3.9% more than last year's figures for the corresponding period. The main product of this group was sunflower oil: it was exported at $ 3.0 billion ($ 0.1 billion more than in the first nine months of 2018).

The main buyer of fats and oils of Ukrainian origin is traditionally India, which since 2015 has been increasing purchases of sunflower oil. Over the nine months of this year, its share in the structure of Ukrainian exports of this type of product amounted to 31.3%. It is followed by: China (15.3%), the Netherlands (10.1%), Spain (6.1%), Iraq (5.9%), Italy (5.8%) and Poland (3.6%).