Ukrainian sunflower meal interested Chinese importers


Importers from China became interested in Ukrainian granulated sunflower meal.

This was reported by UkrAgroConsult with reference to the information of Refinitiv Agriculture.

"The demand for granulated meal appeared on the market from Chinese importers, whose prices are just above $ 200 per tonne (FOB). Exporters' offers for deliveries to China exceed the level of $ 210 per tonne," the report said.

At the same time, Ukrainian traders claim that there is no information on the conclusion of agreements. At the same time, low demand for meal and high competition from Russian goods provide quotes with a nominal level of $ 195-200 per tonne (FOB Odessa) for several weeks now.

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At present, the Ukrainian market for sunflower seed meal in granules is low-liquid and low-active. There is almost no consumer demand: the nearest importers make meal purchases mainly from Russia, some buyers have taken a wait and see position, traders commented on the situation.