Ukraine last season increased apple exports 1.5 times


Ukraine last season increased apple exports 1.5 times - up to 62 thousand tons, deliveries took place in 18 countries.

Ukraine last season increased apple exports 1.5 times
This was discussed during the ninth international conference Apple Business of Ukraine-2019, the Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency reported.

In the season 2018/2019, Ukraine managed to maintain a positive trade balance for apples, increasing exports to a record 62 thousand tons. A year ago, exports were at least 1.5 times less. An unconditional achievement this year was the expansion of the geography of apple exports, deliveries took place in 18 countries of the world ", - noted at the conference.

Exports have increased significantly towards the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Turkey. Ukraine exported more apples to the EU countries, where local farmers also harvested a record harvest.

According to experts, it was possible to increase exports due to a significant reduction in prices for Ukrainian apples and an increase in the share of export quality products in some farms.

Ukraine increased its apple supplies to the most demanding and expensive markets of Southeast Asia, such as Singapore and Malaysia.

In the overall ranking of apple suppliers in Malaysia, Ukraine is now in eighth place. In total, this season Ukraine exported about 550 tons of apples to Malaysia. The situation on the Singapore market is similar: in terms of apple exports to this country among European countries, Ukraine is second only to France and Italy, but ahead of Poland, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and other exporters.

At the same time, the State Statistics Service recorded an almost three-fold increase in apple imports: from July 2018 to June 2019, 19.5 thousand tons of these fruits were imported into Ukraine.

The ninth international conference Apple Business of Ukraine-2019 was held on August 14-15 in Dnipro. The event was attended by more than 20 foreign companies from more than 10 countries (UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, Spain, Belarus, India, Great Britain, Jordan, South Africa, Egypt and others). Within the framework of the conference, an international trade forum was held with the participation of importers of apples from the EU, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.