Ukraine exports organic products three times more than the volume of the domestic market


The export of Ukrainian organic products is three times the volume of the domestic consumer market in Ukraine and now amounts to 99 million euros.

Ukraine exports organic products three times more than the volume of the domestic market
This was discussed during the round table on the implementation of the laws of Ukraine on organic products, which from August come into force, the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food reports.

"According to the latest data, exports of organic products are three times more in terms of value than the domestic consumer market in Ukraine (99 million euros and 29.4 million euros, respectively). The organic market is one of the most dynamic food markets in the world, therefore improving food legislation is becoming increasingly important, "- said the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Elena Kovaleva.

She noted that the range of participants in the organic market is now expanding, involving not only producers, technologists and controllers, but also those who directly sell products and ensure its actual delivery to the consumer.

Our common task is to provide consumer confidence that the products for which he pays are of high quality and safe, that they are truly certified and organic, Kovalev stressed.

Vladimir Lapa, Chairman of the State Food and Industrial Service, stressed the importance of conveying information on new legislative changes to market entities, so that everyone in August would be ready to fulfill the new requirements, in accordance with the laws enacted.

For his part, the head of the EU project "Support for the implementation of agricultural and food policy," John Millns thanked the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and the State Food and Consumer Service for cooperation and the development of a law that will allow Ukraine to develop a strong organic market.

Organic products produced in Ukraine are tasty and can be even tastier, so they should be promoted and exported to the worldwide international organic market, which is constantly expanding. At the same time, organic production has a positive effect on the environment, Millnz said.

According to the head of the project German-Ukrainian cooperation in the field of organic farming, Elizabeth Rueggg, the new law will, first of all, ensure that the consumer receives exactly the products he wants to receive - a healthy, organic one, and that the production process is transparent and honest

Over 10 years, the organic sector has been actively developing in Ukraine; now there are more than 300 manufacturers of certified organic products. Of these, 4 are producers of dairy products, 1 is a manufacturer of meat products, 15 are producers of organic cereals, 11 are producers of organic oils, 3 are producers of organic spices.

Ukraine was the first in Europe to produce organic sugar.

The Law of Ukraine No. 2496-VIII On the Basic Principles and Requirements for Organic Production, Circulation and Labeling of Organic Products enters into force on August 2, 2019, and the Law On information for consumers regarding food products - August 6, 2019.