Denis Krasnikov about world trade wars

Export businessmen live in a unique amount of time. Over the past many decades, trade barriers between key global players have not been so drastically and radically revised. The United States introduced in two stages protective duties for Chinese goods worth $ 50 billion. Now another 200 billion are taking effect. China responds in the same way. The situation is similar in the US-EU, US-Mexico, USA-Canada trading pairs. A trade standoff is developing in the US-Turkey pair.

Those countries that carefully examine in which commodity positions such changes have occurred and have a chance to occupy newly formed niches.

Those who wake up the situation and will not be prepared in legal terms, he will face a large amount of released commodity flow, rushed to their domestic market.

Therefore, ULIE became a partner of the Conference on October 17 on world trade wars.

Gentlemen businessmen! Markets open and money is earned in an era of change. But also lost in such moments.