Registration of a trademark is a first-priority question in the procedure of approach the International market

Well-thought-of business, which is held in respect, necessarily has its own "face", brand name. The "face" you use entering to the market, when you are making an advertise, with such face a consumer (client) will meet you for the first time and will continue remember you for a long time (if you will pick him up, of course).
Trademark, service mark, logo or brand name are what will difference you from similar business ideas and what will give you individuality at the stage of the startup your project. And in the process of "development" your TM, it will be formed the reputation status and market value of your company. Necessity to run a business with own brand is obvious, as well as the fact that the successfully promoted trademark - is the most valuable asset of the company.

Right to protection of business
During the aggressive development of market relations, the issue of the requirement of official registration of trademark/service mark seems illogical. However, because of holding of minimal starting capital, this issue may be mistakenly classified as "non-priority".
To register your mark or not is your privileged right, not a obligation. But the legal protection of registered TM, will provide an opportunity not only to successfully develop business, but also to protect it from unlawful violance and unauthorized use.
So, you have the right:

  1. To prevent other persons or companies to use your trademark in relation to similar goods and services for which your trademark is registered. Such use may mislead the consumer as to the actual manufacturer/ service provider;
  2. To forbid others to use marks which are so similar to your trademark that they can be confused.
  3. To alienate and transfer to anyone rights in a trademark, in whole or in part, in accordince to list of goods and services by virtue of the agreement;
  4. To accord an official permission to use your trademark pursuant to licensing agreement.
  5. Realizing intermediary activities, pursuant to agreement with the manufacturer, to use your trademark in combination with other signs, and also instead theirs.
onsequently, a registered trademark is not only a state-guarantee protection of rights to your intellectual property, but also a long-term investment in your business.

How to obtain a registration?
Process of registration of trademark could be conventional divided into 3 stages:
  1. preparative - determination of the type of trademark, selection of the class of International classificator of goods and services (from 45 items of classes), and conduction of preliminary trademark search. In accordance of results of search, must to be drafted and filing for trademark registration;
  2. fundamental is the stage of passage of the formal and qualification examination of the registration application, which lasts more than 14 months (under the usual procedure) On this stage is involved in active paperwork between the examinator institution and the applicant;
  3. final stage - when authority makes a decision in registration and issues the Trademark certificate.
Please note, under the Ukrainian legislation, a non-resident can apply for trademark only by patent attorney of Ukraine. Intellectual property lawyer will represent the interests of the applicant in Ukrainian authorities and will help to manage the risk and ensure 100% registration of the trademark.

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