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Ukraine in 2019 will double the export of blueberries

Ukraine in 2019 will sharply increase the export of fresh berries, primarily blueberries, to Europe, to the Middle East and to the countries of Asia.... → read more

Ukraine has already exported more than 35 million tons of grain

Export of Ukrainian grain crops in the current marketing year exceeded 35 million tons.... → read more

The EU will increase the duty-free quotas for chicken from Ukraine

The representatives of Ukraine and the European Union concluded a preliminary agreement, which will allow Kiev to increase the duty-free export of chicken meat to EU member states.... → read more

Ukraine will export dairy products to Oman

The State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection and the competent authority of the Sultanate of Oman have agreed on the requirements for the export of dairy products from Ukraine.... → read more

Ukraine has all the opportunities to supply organic products to China

Ukrainian organic production, which is now rapidly developing, has considerable potential for increasing the supply of its products to promising and large-scale markets, in particular, Chinese.... → read more

Ukraine exported a record 85 thousand tons of rye

From July 2018 to January 2019, Ukraine exported 85.1 thousand tons of rye, which is 123% more than all the exports in the previous marketing year (MY).... → read more

Ukrainian agroexport in January increased by $ 321 million

In January of this year, Ukraine exported products of the agro-industrial complex by $ 1.7 billion, which is almost 22.5% more than the corresponding period last year.... → read more

Ukraine increased exports of agricultural products to the EU 1.5 times

The export of Ukrainian agricultural products to the European Union during the three years of the free trade zone increased 1.5 times to $ 6.3 billion.... → read more

Experts evaluated the impact of free trade with the EU on the economy of Ukraine

The study of the impact of the introduction of a free trade zone between Ukraine and the European Union was based on criteria for reducing duties on the part of Ukraine and additional costs for export... → read more

Grain exports this season may reach 49 million tons

In the marketing season 2018/2019, it is expected that the export of Ukrainian grain will reach 49 million tons.... → read more

In January, the SFS issued almost 10 thousand certificates for the transport of goods in the EU

During January 2019, GFS customs issued 9,700 certificates for the transportation of goods EUR.1, which facilitate the entry of goods into the European market.... → read more

Ukraine last year exported a record 215 thousand tons of soybean oil

Ukraine in 2018 set a record for the export of soybean oil - 215 thousand tons.... → read more

Export of Ukrainian pharmaceutical products becomes a priority in trade with Uzbekistan

Export of Ukrainian pharmaceutical products becomes a priority in trade with Uzbekistan, said First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economic Development and Trade Stepan Kubiv.... → read more

Ukraine exported engineering products more by $ 452 million

In January-August 2018, Ukraine exported machinery products worth $ 3.6 billion, which is $ 451.8 million more than last year.... → read more

Ukraine will increase exports of black caviar

Ukraine is increasing its export of black caviar. The company in the Kiev region produces a delicacy, most of all it is ordered in Japan. And this year for the first time they will enjoy Europe.... → read more

Ukraine this year has increased iron exports by 45%

In January-August 2018, exports of Ukrainian iron amounted to 2.11 million tons, which is 45% more than the same period last year.... → read more

Ukraine has reduced the export of greenhouse tomatoes

At the same time, Ukraine imported 48 thousand tons of tomatoes, which was also a record result in the entire history of Ukraines independence.... → read more

Partners Forum Live International Marketplace

If a large group of buyers from 14 countries... → read more

Ukraine halved sugar exports

Ukrainian producers exported 11.1 thousand tons of sugar last month. The main importer is Uzbekistan.... → read more

Over the past three years, Ukraine has increased the export of watermelons

Soon the season of watermelons will ... → read more