Experts say what the price of the first Ukrainian blueberry will be


The first batches of Ukrainian blueberries from open ground will go to the market before the end of this week; it is expected that it will be offered at 200 UAH per kg.

Experts say what the price of the first Ukrainian blueberry will be

This is reported by the analytical platform of the fruit and vegetable business ast-fruit.

"This week the market will receive the first batch of Ukrainian blueberry from open ground. This will be mainly low-volume supplies from Transcarpathia and the southern regions of the country, but already now market participants are trying to determine what the prices for the berry will be. Most likely, the first Ukrainian early Blueberries will be offered at a price of about 200 UAH / kg ($ 7.5 per kg), but the price will decrease as the supply of berries rises, "the report says.

Experts report that there are already quite a few ads on the market for the sale of small quantities of greenhouse blueberries of Ukrainian production at 200-240 UAH / kg. True, lots are offered too small to interest large buyers or supermarket chains, and quality is assessed as average, therefore imported blueberries dominate the sale. But, according to experts, it will not be easy for the Ukrainian producer to defend even the price of 200 UAH / kg for the first wholesale shipments, because Georgian or Spanish blueberries can be sold in Ukraine even for 135-160 UAH / kg.

Most likely, this year we will see for the first time the wholesale price for blueberries below the psychological level of 100 UAH / kg ($ 3.8 per kg). Such a low price level can be reached by July 15-20, 2019. At the same time, high-quality berries will be actively exported, and prices for it can be much higher, analysts are sure.

However, in their opinion, far from all producers will be able to export blueberries, since only certain groups have contacts, contracts and the necessary certification for exporting products to the European Union and other countries.

We discussed the pricing of blueberries with market participants and it seems that a large gap between the price of the domestic market and the export price of blueberries this year will lead to the formation of a cluster of blueberry exporters. That is, these will be commercial companies that do not grow blueberries, but which will buy and export it, said Andrey Yarmak, an economist at the investment department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Ukraine will deliver the first batch of fresh blueberries to countries such as the UAE, as well as, possibly, to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman already this season thanks to the trade mission Fruit Trade Ukraine - Middle East, which was organized by FAO in cooperation with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Ukrainian horticultural association with the financial support of the EU4Business initiative. However, the supply of fresh blueberries to the countries of the Middle East is unlikely to immediately become widespread due to complex and expensive logistics. The lack of direct sea charters delays the transit time of 28-30 days. Therefore, according to experts, most likely, the main export shipments of blueberries from Ukraine to the countries of the Middle East will be carried by air transport, which will add to the value of exports about two dollars per kilogram.

It is also expected to increase the supply of fresh blueberries by air transport from Ukraine to Asia. Last year, sold the first batch. This year, several companies are planning to expand the export volumes of Ukrainian blueberries to this region.

Also, analysts of the platform expect that the decline in prices for Ukrainian blueberries in 2019 will lead to the beginning of a more large-scale processing of this berry. They assume that off-spec blueberries will be sold even for $ 2 per kg, which may be of interest to many processors.