Ice-cream production in Ukraine this year has grown by almost 22%


Ice cream production in the first quarter of 2019 increased by almost 22% compared with the corresponding period last year - up to 26.1 thousand tons.

Ice-cream production in Ukraine this year has grown by almost 22%
It is reported by Ukrainian Food Export Board.

"The total production of this dessert in the first quarter of 2019 amounted to 26.1 thousand tons, which is 21.7% more than in January-March of the previous year (20.8 thousand tons), but it is unambiguous about the growth of production in the current it will be possible to speak in July-August, analysts at UFEB noted.

The export volumes of Ukrainian ice cream are far from the indicators of the main players, such as Germany (169 thousand tons), France (144.9 thousand tons) and Belgium (142.7 thousand tons), noted in the Export Council. According to the State Customs Service, last year, domestic producers shipped 6.1 thousand tons of ice cream at a total cost of 13.3 million USD, which is 17.6% in volume and 19.5% in monetary terms higher than in 2017. The main buyers are Moldova - 26%, the Russian Federation - 22.7% and Israel - 14.5%. The same countries buy the most in the current year.

Imports, in turn, are rather sluggish and in 2018 were 20 times lower than exports (6.148 thousand tons versus 296 tons). The situation in the current year has remained unchanged (1.9 thousand tons against 56 tons), noted in the UFEB

According to the State Statistics Service, the total domestic supply in 2018 amounted to 153 thousand tons, which is 1.2% less than in 2017 (155 thousand tons). Like most products, ice cream has its own seasonality of production, which depends on consumer demand, namely, May-August, while production in September-December is the lowest.