Ukrainian strawberries in Belarus are sold twice as expensive as in Ukraine


Ukrainian garden strawberries dominate the market of Belarus, while at prices twice as high as in Ukraine.

Ukrainian strawberries in Belarus are sold twice as expensive as in Ukraine
This is reported by the analytical platform of the fruit and vegetable business ast-Fruit.

"Prices for garden strawberries in Belarus have increased, and demand has increased along with prices. However, strawberries from Ukraine and Poland dominate the market. At the same time, due to adverse weather conditions in Poland, Ukrainian strawberries are distinguished by high quality parameters and are competitive in price. At the moment, wholesale prices for garden strawberries in Belarus are formed at about 2.5-3.0 dollars per kg, which is almost twice as high as the prices on the Ukrainian market, "the message says.

According to experts, this week wholesale prices for garden strawberries below one dollar per kg are expected in Ukraine. ast-Fruit experts note that Belarus buys Ukrainian strawberries not only for re-export to Russia, but also for the needs of the domestic market.

"In the near future, Ukraine will start exporting fresh strawberries to Poland and, possibly, other EU countries. Small deliveries of early berries have already been made, but the deterioration of weather conditions in Transcarpathia last week and the beginning of the season of mass sales of local strawberries in Poland resulted in the termination of export ", - reported in the East-Fruit.

They also note that this year the demand for garden strawberries from enterprises engaged in the freezing of berries has significantly increased, which was a result of the expansion of berries freezing capacity in Ukraine.

As reported, 2019 may be a record year for the export of Ukrainian sweet cherries. According to forecasts of market experts, it can exceed 5 thousand tons. This will be facilitated by the full fruiting of new gardens planted in 20122018 and relatively good weather conditions, which, although they delayed the start of the harvest, did not lead to significant losses. And also the delay in collecting sweet cherries led to the fact that Ukraine will enter the European and world markets, when the export of sweet cherries from Turkey and Uzbekistan is completed.

In addition, a significant expansion of the export geography of Ukrainian sweet cherry is predicted, in particular, the first deliveries to the countries of the Middle East are expected. However, since berry production significantly exceeds export volumes, prices for sweet cherries in Ukraines markets are expected to be at the same level as last year or even lower.