Exports of dairy products in April fell by 4.5%


In April 2019, exports of dairy products brought Ukraine $ 23 million, which is 4.5% less than last year.

Exports of dairy products in April fell by 4.5%
This is reported by the Association of Milk Producers.

Reduction in sales was shown by butter, cottage cheese and whey groups. But sales of whole milk products and powdered milk, on the contrary, are growing, said analysts at AVM.

According to the State Fiscal Service, the export of whey, compared with April last year, decreased by 21% in physical terms - 2.6 thousand tons and by 13.8% in monetary terms - 1.9 million dollars. Counterparties remain unchanged: China - 792 thousand dollars, Malaysia - 110 thousand dollars and Vietnam - 205 thousand dollars

Exports of butter, during the reporting period, decreased the most - by 44% in physical terms - to 1.7 thousand tons and by 47%, in monetary terms, $ 7 million. Most of all, $ 1.0 million. Azerbaijan and the Netherlands - 88 thousand dollars and Georgia - 46 thousand dollars.

Exports of non-condensed milk and cream in April amounted to 3.5 thousand tons, an increase of 37%, for a total of $ 2 million, which is 20.7% more than in April last year. The main importers were Libya for 938 thousand dollars, Moldova - 486 thousand dollars and Georgia - 200 thousand dollars.

Sales of powdered milk and condensed milk, compared with last year, showed an increase of 85% and amounted to 3.9 thousand tons, and in monetary terms, an increase of 134% - 8.4 million dollars. Traded mainly from China - 2.8 million by dollars, by Armenia - 331 thousand dollars and by Israel - 157 thousand dollars

Trade in dairy products brought Ukraine in April 1 million dollars, which is 78.2% more than in April last year. A total of 576 tons of products were sold, which is 56% higher than last year. Our yoghurts and kefir were exported to Kazakhstan for 588 thousand dollars, Moldova - 213 thousand dollars, and Georgia - 102 thousand dollars.

Compared to last year, sales of the group of cheeses increased in tonnage, but declined in cash receipts. 776 tons of product were delivered to foreign markets, which is 2.5% more than last year. In monetary terms, this amounted to $ 2.8 million, which is 4.7% less than in April last year. Most of all it was imported: Moldova for 1.1 million dollars, Kazakhstan - 1 million dollars and Egypt - 303 thousand dollars.