Ukraine in the first quarter increased exports of poultry meat by 38%


In January-March 2019, more than 103 thousand tons of poultry meat with a total value of $ 146.9 million was shipped from Ukraine for export, which is 38% more than was sold during the same period last year.

Ukraine in the first quarter increased exports of poultry meat by 38%
This is the press service of the Ukrainian Food Export Board UFEB.

The poultry segment continues to be the most promising in 2019. Thus, according to the State Customs Service, during the first quarter, 103.6 thousand tons were shipped to world markets with a total value of $ 146.9 million - more than a third of total exports last year. This volume is 59% higher than the volume of the first quarter of 2017 and 38% compared to January-March 2018, the report says.

It is noted that the main destination countries for the period under review were Saudi Arabia - 27.2% or $ 40 million, the Netherlands - 16.5% or $ 24.3 million, and Slovakia - 9.6% or $ 14.1 million.

UFEB analysts note that as domestic production increases (+ 9.5%), stable domestic demand, the demand for imported meat and poultry by-products decreases.

The total volume of imports of poultry meat in January-March 2019 decreased by 21.3% to 30.6 thousand tons against 38.9 thousand tons. Imports in March fell by 12.4% compared with March 2018 to 9.7 thousand tons, the report says.

The main supplier countries were Poland - 63% of total exports in the amount of $ 7.7 million, Germany - 14.7% or $ 1.8 million, and Hungary - 10.2% or $ 1.2 million. The profit of the agricultural holding KSG Agro in 2018 amounted to 310 thousand dollars (In 2017 - 895 thousand dollars).

As reported, domestic poultry exports have doubled since 2015 and amounted to almost 330 thousand tons in 2018. Ukraine is stable, for the third consecutive year, it holds the seventh place in the world in terms of this indicator, as evidenced by data from the US Department of Agriculture. And in terms of deliveries to Europe, domestic producers of chicken are generally third: the EU has become a key market for them. Ukraine in 2018 supplied the European Union with 123 thousand tons of chicken meat, which is 53.7% more than in 2017.