Ukraine may become the main exporter of food to China


Ukraine may become the main exporter of food products in the PRC, in particular, corn and sunflower oil.

Ukraine may become the main exporter of food to China
This opinion was expressed by the executive director of the Oilseeds and Grains Committee of the European Business Association, Irina Dusnik, at Agropolit.

At present, five interstate protocols have been signed between Ukraine and China that regulate the requirements for the export of crops - maize, barley, soybeans, sunflower meal and beet pulp. However, Ukraine can become the main supplier of food and agricultural products in China, in particular, corn and sunflower oil. After all, this product has a great demand from the Chinese consumer, Dushnik wrote.

She noted that in the next five years, China plans to import products and services worth over $ 10 trillion.

According to the expert, Ukraine needs to work on expanding the list of agricultural products exported to China, especially such as peas, wheat, grain sorghum and rape. She is confident that, against the backdrop of intense trade with the United States, to replace American supplies, China will increasingly buy feed grains, barley and sorghum in other countries. And in Ukraine, according to the data provided by Dusznik, grain exports in the coming years will grow to 70 million tons. Last year, 41.7 million tons of Ukrainian grain was already delivered to foreign markets.

At the same time, Dushnik reminded that in 2019 Ukraine and China will celebrate 25 years of establishing diplomatic relations. On this occasion, the President of Ukraine declared 2019 the Year of China in Ukraine, the analyst summed up.

China is already among the top five importers of Ukrainian agricultural products, Dushnik stressed. That is why, she emphasizes, in the Export Strategy of Ukraine for 2017-2021, China is determined by the market in focus.

As reported, according to the State Statistics Service, in 2018 Ukraine exported $ 2.2 billion worth of goods to China.