The export of chocolate from the country significantly exceeds the volume of imports


Ukraine is actively increasing exports of chocolate, and Kazakhstan became the largest importing country of the domestic product in the first nine months of 2018. So, in January-September 2018, Kazakhstan purchased Ukrainian chocolate for $ 15 million.

The United States became the second in terms of imports of domestic sweets. Chocolate exports to this country in January-September amounted to $ 14 million.

Closes the top three countries-lovers of Ukrainian chocolate Belarus. In January-September, Ukraine exported $ 10 million worth of chocolate to Belarus.

In just 9 months, Ukraine exported chocolate for $ 118 million. At the same time, the country imported chocolate for $ 84 million.

Recall that in the period from 2013 to 2016, there was a decrease in chocolate exports by almost 31% and amounted to 281.4 thousand. Among the reasons were the decrease in consumption and the closure of some enterprises, as well as the decline in exports to Russia, because the Russian Federation was the main market.

According to analysts, deliveries abroad will continue to grow, and the growth in exports of Ukrainian chocolate explains the revaluation of the sales market and the increase in supply in general.